Now what? Dizzy was a jaunty ball of energy sitting up on her knees in wonder of the bright beautiful world around her. knew? - Auradon, Ben, the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle, o. However, she soon realizes that there is quite a thin line indeed between hate and love. note The disease can be anything from anemia to organ failure. Chapter 1: Food Poisoning Harry waltzed into Ursula's fish 'n chips. Language: . Jeff didnt remember anything from before 13 years old. He was planning on taking care of it using the Indestructible Shield and the Vitality of the Heart. The Price of Magic by TheCreator900. Lumiere is a servant in a French castle ruled by a formerly spoiled, selfish and unkind prince. stylinson, harryedwardstyles, 1d. But is it what it seems? ; Big Brother Instinct: Has this for Mal, Evie, and Carlos, often in the background. Mal wants all of the VKs, the most important part of her family, to meet the newest very important addition to her ragtag, strange little group- her father. He tried to take it but he was shaking too bad. Ben, now as king, after the cotillion and having seen the living conditions of the Isle of the Lost, he decided to bring more children to Auradon. In fact this story is the reason why the four were picked in the first place. Lumiere (which translates from French as "light") is a supporting character in Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. Son Of A Trickster Character List, !" Morgan, out of desperation, wanted Pearls to become the next head of the Kurain Channeling Technique. She and Mal were archenemys. she's the type to have a plan and stick with it. On the tenth day, they all unite at Evie's house to quarantine together, each knowing that they can't handle being apart from each other. However, when Hades comes over after hearing that Ben's with Hades' grandchild, things get interesting. by Dante Barbosa 63.6K 825 26 Hayden Son of Hades, was a Demi god who was punished instead of his father to be trapped in Isle of the Lost, he had a long past with Evie before She joined Mal's pack. In the mornings, it would jump up to 89 before settling back down to a solid 76. Bernard M. When Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Uma are chosen as the first four VKs to go to Auradon, Jay finds himself alone on the Isle without his friends, suffering at He is a Blacklist Hunter and the current leader of the organization founded by Light Nostrade. But with Jays help, she becomes confident in her new look and learns that it doesnt matter what she looks like on the outside. When Mal is spying on Uma and Harry, she suffers a rather terrible injury and stumbles back to the hideout. "You ate the least. What was supposed to be a quiet affair soon turns into the a family that the four never knew that they needed. Sometimes it hurt Uma too deeply. Core Four Sleeping Habits. So far, Audrey was finding that she greatly enjoyed it and that Jay was a very sweet, very interesting guy. AKs Sleeping Habits. I think what brought this on is that sooner or later, the user Disney Descendants will go bye-bye soon, and to be honest, I don't want to. When Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Uma, and the rest are all hanging out at Evies house, they get into a rather interesting conversation about whether boys or girls should be the bosses. Captain Hook is the main antagonist of Disney's 1953 animated feature film, Peter Pan. Ben is a newly crowned King, discovering new responsibilities as the days pass and uncovering old-kept secrets. In Wonderland (Sequel to Crazy Love) December 20, 2015 LadyMadHatter "I love you, I love you so much" Aelin said, a bit breathlessly. he felt like an entirely different person. There in the mirror, a horrifyingly large amount of red liquid dripped down Mal's pale hand. She first appears on her tea wagon with Chip to serve tea to the sick and weak Maurice who was stranded in the Here, just breathe Harry, Uma said and lifted the cup to Harrys mouth. De Vil-Radcliffe by Lauren 10.9K 177 24 A Carlos De Vil Love Story. When Stan, Kyle and Eric replaced Butters with Tweek, Butters was devastated. At first glance, Via thinks she's got the easy part. Especially the attention of his captain and favorite person in the world. Davianis Via. After everything that had happened? Today, when he arrived at her room, he was met with a sneeze goddess instead. Lucifer Hearts or as his friends call him Luci Summary. Ongoing. Chaz Lucius Knee Injury, Read sick from the story Descendants: a carlos and mal fanfic by rainbowpuppysunshine (Tomasa Morales) with 1,582 reads.Hey guys I just want you to know that I. Browse . Beast man is about to make his kid the new king and apparently king boy wants to "fix" mistakes by bringing 4 villain kids to Auradon!" They had 2 rooms on the far end of the west wing of the Academy. Northwestern Imc Class Profile, He hums in agreement, a slow smile spreading on his face at the second mate's enthusiasm. Uma has thought of a rather interesting idea to prank Mal on April Fools Day, aiming to get the faerie back for all of the times that shes tricked the gang. Mrs. Potts is one of the heroes of Auradon and an ally to Beast and Belle. . Henry is the name of one of the actual sons of the real life Prince John. Sitting on the ground, with the injured boy's head in her lap, Uma glared at the one responsible for the injuries. Sick, a descendants, 2015 fanfic | FanFiction Movies Descendants, 2015 Follow/Fav Sick By: Firelizard46 Uma gets back after the cotillion incident only for something to happen to two members of her crew. The prank doesnt quite turn out the way Uma hoped. These have no relation whatsoever with my other fanfics I have written for Descendants. Mal: *sits in Evies lap* Make me not wanna die. Jay is impressed. A sequel to "Urban Cowgirls" with Huma, Bal, Jaudrey, Jarlos, and family/friendship feels. Evie and Mal are looking for Mal's spell book that Celia has stolen again when a certain mishap occurs A hairy mishap that Mal and Evie very unfortunately have to deal with. But the type of trouble it caused was what no one could have expected. Uma, Gil and Harry had recently been allowed to escape the isle to attend Auradon Prep. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Book 1 ~ Y/N is the daughter of Hades, Demi-God of the Underworld, and has a very low profile on the Isle. Harry Hook x Uma or Huma fluff with slight hints of Hevie or Harry x Evie on the edges. rosemary is the daughter of rapunzel and eugene. But since he had sounded so serious, she felt that she had to come regardless of the temperature outside. When two terrors are together, it equals trouble, but when Evie's added to the mix, it's an even bigger load of it. The Lodge was all ready and set for being sold, until the Hart family came back But instead of it just Being Skye and Ed, Kayla was with them, Skye's older sister. Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos all go to see Jafar, Grimhilde the Evil Queen, and Cruella de Vil. Headcanon List #4. sick New Reading List. From the stained glass tributes to true love's kiss, you can't deny that Mal and Ben have a perfectly magical Disney romance. This week has sucked for Princess Audrey. Post-D3 and a sequel to "Keep Your Enemies Closer" and "His Captain" with Mal and Uma friendship feels. 1.2K Stories. Work Search: China Anne McClain comes from an artistic family. The blood almost glowed against the deathly white skin. It reminds Harry of when hed get sick on the Isle and his dad would make him stay with Uma so Captain Hook wouldnt get sick. It's one of the reasons the four of them carry silver knifes, not iron. "I've never had a sister." Turns out she ran away to Auradon and now lives with her mother. She was indirectly mentioned in Descendants when Beast joked saying "well it was either you or a teapot." Ah yes we need to get back. A mischievous smile forming on his lips, he emphasizes we possessively. When the AKs begin to ask questions about the VK's life on the isle the VKs decide to show them through flashbacks, but they discover something shocking that c. He had been mistreated before, abused, ridiculed, and he had taken it all with a smile. Shameless Jarlos fluff. Mal's got a huge problem. Featured Fantasy Fanfiction. She fell onto his chest, sweat dripping down as she gave more pepper kisses before pulling off of him. from the story NEFARIOUS DESCENDANTS by kazbrekkerrs () with 2,561 reads. But then things turned horribly wrong due to her rushing things ahead. Harry was always hungry for attention. Evie suffers a horrible accident with her car, and Mal and the others have to handle the consequences. The rest run to new gangs or hide themselves until the barrier is broken. When Mal speaks to her and Evie's Algebra teacher, she comes out of the room completely dejected, refusing to explain to Evie what had happened. When Audrey reveals why, he is surprised. descendants. Passion Pronunciation, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Ending Explained. Terkeshia Boykins, 40, died after being stabbed multiple times. Harry groaned in discomfort, clutching his side while black spots danced before his eyes. Wha. Jaudrey or Jay x Audrey, and Core Four family feels. It's Jaudrey, or whatever the fandom's calling it. "It's so pretty here I can't wait to see Auradon Prep and see Evie and Mal again," she squealed. Uma took the first thing she saw (a pair of black shorts and a teal shirt) because she didn't want to seem greedy, which is actually strange since that's how she was raised on the Isle. "You know there aren't any hospitals on the Isle? Looking for www gmail com different account login? What if he had 3 kids before he met Emma that no one knew about-- one who went missing, one who died, and one who left (CJ, Harry, and Harriet)? Harry Hook is not fully human. takes place after POYW 2.0! But finally, the day D3 is released, you go back. If you like lots of sisterly fluff and reassurance between Evie and Mal, then this is definitely for you. One is a daughter of Captain Hook and the other is a daughter of the Queen of Hearts. It's a companion piece to "Auntie's Little Girl" and "The Bluebirds.". "I heard something, so I came to see what was up," Evie explained herself. This is a story about three people who want something better and who together find the faith to change their worlds. Uma frowned, tossing items this way and that like a mad dog. "Get off my ship," she commanded, "and never return!" When they go out, she almost kills them in the midst of her nervousness about disappointing Jay. This is odd, but even stranger, he has started to dress nicer and actually fix his hair. No it was a promise, it was a kiss that promised he would always be there, for her and their child. Something about running around with her very own personal bad boy was just so exciting for Audrey. Will she figure out how to drive? tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). Mallory wants Hades to stay and play, and Adam and Hades end up being launched into a full-on battle of the grandpas. Descendants. Let me call my mum, she might know how to settle their tummies," he got his phone out and dialled, "Hey mum, yeah, no everything's fine. Chapter 1, a descendants, 2015 fanfic | FanFiction. Though Uma doesn't share the same surety for the solution. Mal is left to pick up the pieces of her sister after Doug does something absolutely terrible. Carlos got death glares and angry silence and a few things chucked across the room whereas Lonnie's room-mate, Olivia, got snapped at and a lot of angry tears. a de vil may cry ch 1 the arrival. Evie & Jay & Mal & Carlos de Vil as Found Family, Fairy Godmother & Jane (Disney: Descendants), Evie & Jane & Mal & Audrey Rose & Uma (Disney), Ben & Carlos de Vil & Harry Hook & Jay & Gil, Evie & Jane & Mal & Audrey Rose & Uma & Li Lonnie (Disney), Ben & Gil & Harry Hook & Jay & Carlos de Vil. Who knew that addition would end up causing more trouble than the girls got into last time? A dream that Magnus had made possible. I have not watched the movies religiously, so some of my facts may be a bit off. In short I am super excited about this, I am completely obsessed with Descendants 2 . Evie drags Mal, Jay, and Carlos to go and get their picture taken with Santa Claus at the mall. It had also been three days since he had given her his number. Lost (Discontinued) January 6, 2020 AliLivid. He is the younger brother of Merle and the last surviving member of his family. , " Hailey Willow Hook and Heather Luna Hearts. - Anonymous - Feb-25-2011 This is the best Uber trilogy that I've ever read! She lives on the Isle of the Lost with her father who is now powerless because magic doesn't work on the Isle. Jay is picking at the wraps around his wrists, and as he lifts one, she sees the dried red on the bottom and swallows hard. usta tennis court construction specifications / why is rebecca lowe hosting olympics / descendants fanfiction uma sick. -Dizzy appeared in Descendants 2-Harriet Hook, Anthony Tremaine, Rick Ratcliffe, Claudine Frollo,Diego de Vil, Hadie, Jason/Jace, Harold/Harry, Yzla,Eddie Balthazar, Hermie Bing and Bigh Murph appear or are mentioned in the books.-Hal,Henry and Macaria are my OC's. But now a new name has come up on his list, someone nobody's ever heard of. However, with distractions around every corner, will they ever make it? Because underneath, she really wanted her best female friend back in her life. However, when Uma was taking her time in admiring Harry, she happened to notice something rather terrible. An Audrey-centric fic that is about her struggle with her feelings for Jay after he kisses her. Interestingly, it has been driving him insane in a completely different way. Uma caught the faithful pirate before he could hit the ground. Wattpad. Angsty but then fluffy Jaudrey. Mal and Evie friendship/sister feels, Uma friendship feels with Mal and Evie, Core Four feels, Bal, Huma, Jarlos, and Jaudrey. If you like Doug/Evie, I don't recommend this story. Let me call my mum, she might know how to settle their tummies," he got his phone out and dialled, "Hey mum, yeah, no everything's fine. "Yuki" (, "Yuki"?) It all starts when Evie lightens her hair to baby blue and begins wearing a corset. 17K 515 15. If we are saying she's sick, then we can't have her around any of the other children. TikTok video from jules (@julesskinncr): "not only do i like them better than popular ships like ben x uma, ben x evie, mal x harry, mal x evie, mal x uma, etc, i also like them better than the other canon ships like evie x doug & carlos x jane #descendants". Uma is portrayed by China Anne McClain. Audrey has added a new, rather functional article to her wardrobe--- glasses. The boys were wearing (dying in) suits, while Uma wore something that looked somewhat like her Cotillon dress. half of his teachers were assholes and didn't listen to him, he had three weeks worth of homework that he still had to do (he was trying, he swears he's trying) and fuck it all everything is always so fucking blurry he cant read the damn class board from five feet away. You, The reader will be the twin sister of Mal and the daughter of Maleficent. Carlos De Vil a mute boy since the age of 4, struggles with the fear of having a soulmate since birth because of his mother telling him that they would only hurt and use him, instead of love him and he believed her, only to wish he hadn't for all these years. Mal and Evie friendship and sister feels. A peppy candelabra who can easily handle his flames and a loyal member of the Beast's staff. Vote. Jaudrey or Jay x Audrey, and its a sequel to A Stolen Rose.. Amethyst (specifically Amethyst Facet-5 Cut-8XM) is a member of the Crystal Gems. Jay has suddenly began arriving late to his dates with Audrey. Book 1 out of 3 for the BenxMale OC Descendants Fanfic I'm starting. But this was the last straw. He is the charismatic, yet rebellious, castle matre d', who was turned into a candelabra by the Enchantress's curse. Soon enough, theyre launched into an all-out paintball war as they struggle for dominance. Find out more on January 3rd 2020. Gil sat at the end, with Harry and Uma at each side. Main relationship featured will be in the chapter titles. It'll be the exact same story with more depth and much more of a slow burn. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Fantasy/Hurt/Comfort - Uma, Harry H., Gil - Chapters: 18 - Words: . Of course, this was most certainly no secret. The explanation for Uma's absence, however, is beyond anything they could have ever guessed.