So keep reading, and you will surely come across some new words. Pink Roses Meaning: Heres What It Means and How To Use It, Spinster Meaning: Heres What It Means and How To Use It, Snob Meaning: Heres What It Means and How To Use It, Lilith Meaning: Heres What It Means and How To Use It. You can get the definition (s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it. They are This is a form of exhibitionism: someone with martymachlia enjoys having sexual activity while others watch, either in person or via a window or webcam. Calling someone a jerk or a fool (You asshole!) or saying you couldnt give a damn (I dont give an arse or I cant be arsed). The truth is, I ended up sitting by myself, back in the shadows of the dugout, where my eyes seemed to only want to stay staring down. And for redheads, who really cant cope with the heat. Example: Dont get jumpy in any difficult situation. But here are some common offensive words: The most versatile dirty word in Japanese, kuso means shit, damn or fuck and is used the same as in English. The next best word starting with J is jazzmen, which is worth 34 points. Example: He was able to overcome his situation by listening to jazz music. 165 Positive Words That Start with O [with Definitions and Examples], 415 Positive Words That Start with E [with Definitions and Examples], 250 Positive Words That Start With L [with Definitions and Examples], 235 Positive Words That Start with D [with Definitions and Examples], 110 Positive Words That Start with K [with Definitions and Examples], Positive Words That Start with J Full List (120 words), Positive Words That Start with J to Describe a Person, Positive Words That Start with J to Encourage Yourself, Positive Words That Start with J to Compliment Others, Positive Words That Start with J to Help Through Difficulties, Positive Words That Start with J to Uplift Our Mind, List of Positive Words That Start with J to Keep Us Stay Positive, Commonly Used Positive Words That Start With J, Positive Words That Start with J for Attractive Resumes, Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start With J, 6500+ Positive Words: Largest List Ever from A to Z, 285 Positive Words That Start with B [with Definitions and Examples], 665 Positive Words That Start with S [with Definitions and Examples], Definition: expressing cheer and self-assurance. Less than 1 percent of English words start with J, a minor letter with an odd shape and few other distinctions. This is like throwing out a yo mama insult because it means that the family line is mixed or messed up from promiscuity. "Kiss me good-bye," you say, and on a street with strangers in floppy hats and winter coats, we slip into one another to say to one another with tongue and lips the last apologies and promises. Mary doesn't work, does it? Reading Dirty Words cover to cover isn't so much an exploration of sexual tastes and boundaries as it is a celebration of our splendid imagination and capacity for tolerance. The meanings of foul and dirty largely overlap; however, foul implies extreme offensiveness and an accumulation of what is rotten or stinking; it can also describe, for example, loathsome behavior. If you listen to Fats Domino sing about Josephine, you know she's hot: Hello Josephine, how do you do?Do you remember me baby?Like I remember youYou used to laugh at me and holler, woo woo woo. While it translates to dick, it transforms into a catch-all dirty word, like for the next phrase. Resistance play is a very common fantasy, and its a subset of whats known as Rough Body Play or RBP for short. is often the root of all major insults in Russian. In my previous roles as new media producer with Rosetta Stone, director of marketing for global ventures with The Juilliard School, and vice president of digital strategy with Up & Coming Media, I helped develop the voice for international brands. Its used like bullshit. Kissing in winter, our mouths the warmest place in the city. Some common synonyms of dirty are filthy, foul, nasty, and squalid. When Johnny Otis (aka Willie and the Hand Jive) sang about "doing that crazy hand jive," this was serious titillation. Role play is when people act out particular roles for sexual gratification, and role reversal is a common example: a man might play a female role, or be the one who gets penetrated rather than the one who does the penetrating. Not only learning these words is helpful for your vocabulary, but it also can help you speak English fluently. Example: Cheer up your mother by telling her a jocular story. Rutiluphilia is a fetish for red-headed people, and if you have it you really ought to move to Ireland or Scotland: while redheads are around 1% to 2% of the global population, that figure rises to around 6% in Scotland and 10% in Ireland. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Example: She was a jewel of a lady who encouraged me to be the person I am. Posting intimate photos of your ex is, of course, something only an arsehole would do, and both the Westminster and Holyrood parliaments have made it illegal too. jumbo jet. the dictionaries in case of valid word. From my home office in Maui, Hawaii, I currently work on freelance and ghostwriting projects. Product reviews: Get our take on the resources for learning a language. Doing that hand jive with Uncle Joe For example, 'Oh my god, my nipples are erected!' Here are all the highest scoring words with j, not including the 50-point bonus if they use seven letters. There are 1 two letter words that start with the letter J. It wouldnt be right to leave this one off the list. Or screw you and fuck off. of Mattel Inc. Mattel and Spear are not affiliated with Hasbro. Censors believed the song glorified masturbation, at least. starting with the letter k . off-colour, indecent . Each. Except when it comes to sex. In the UK, this word alone can mean a movie is rated 18, so can only be seen by adults. And now thats out of the way, lets get down to the details. Lets get it out in the open. But here's some dirty words you need to know: Gobdaw - "Dumbass" A gullible idiot. So how should you impress them with your resume? Example: Her natural joyfulness of character made me have a positive mindset. When could foul be used to replace dirty? Learning words is a necessary skill, it helps us articulate well and even helps us achieve academic and professional success. A hooker's customer is a John. And who doesnt want to impress others with their language skills? The First Lady of the jungle was "You, Jane." Below is a list of 5 user submitted swear words. Another unsavoury word for lady parts, it most closely translates to cunt or pussy and its one of the strongest words in Irish. and It can be used for sexual references, but its most commonly used now as an intensifier to show your anger or irritation. Example: The joint effort made by them helped the women suffering from domestic violence. Synonyms for DIRTY: filthy, dusty, muddy, stained, blackened, nasty, black, grimy; Antonyms of DIRTY: clean, spotless, pure, clear, immaculate, unsoiled, unsullied . You can use it to express exasperation, exclamation, and as an adjective. The highest scoring Scrabble word starting with J is Jazzlike, which is worth at least 37 points without There are some really interesting ways to insult someone or curse in Irish it gets pretty clever. Example: In this amazing journey of succeeding in my career, I hope to build up my professionalism through working here. You wont learn these dirty words in textbooks! jazzers (32), Or more accurate in this context: a loose woman, a lady of iffy morals, a slut. Jubilees are occasions for jubilation. How? raunchy . Like, Zur Hlle mit ihnen To hell with em!. By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Delivered to your inbox! Alphabet Activities For Toddlers. Example: Tony was not amused at the embarrassing jest made about him. words, Found 12789 words that start with j. If you wouldnt shout an offensive curse word in a certain situation in your native language, dont use the equivalent in another language. I must admit that when I did finally hit a home run, it wasn't quite as glorious as I imagined it might be. Music for the clients became known as "Jas music," sometimes "Jass music." Definition: to behave according to what is right. La belle langue is about to get a bit dirty! How many words start with the letter J? He doesnt have the balls to do it. or He has some balls to say that. (Like he has some nerve.) In the UK you might hear bollocks more often. I had to marry all day screwing Example: The journal I wrote while staying abroad helped me have a positive mindset the whole time. Example: The joyful music made everyone burst into happiness. hide caption. ThinkStock/iStockphoto. Example: He would dance with the jester for a while longer. Are we missing some words? Words that start with jud often have something to do with judgement. There are multiple rope fetishes within BDSM, many of which owe a lot to the Japanese shibari style. Ah, so many dirty words are associated with certain body parts. Find words with J and words that start with E to reach that double or triple word bonus and win! Definition: to show sound or good judgment. How does the adjective dirty differ from other similar words? Sometimes it might be hard to describe a person as you cannot find the right words. ? But if you get yourself in trouble using them, youre on your own! & Sons Limited of Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, a subsidiary Definition: to deal with close together for contrasting effect. Could also be translated as, Go fuck yourself.. Keep in mind, this word list doesnt contain every single English word that starts with J; however, its a useful introduction to this very special letter. Jockey is all about riding, sometimes riding people. Fils de pute (son of a whore) is a common alternative. Well, jumping Little Judy, she was a mighty fine girl. Jamborees are good parties, people jitterbugging, sexy music on the jukebox. There are many commonly used positive words that start with J that you might not be aware of. The sense that youve got a little extra knowledge in the language that makes you closer to native speaking. Score on words that start with J, like JET, JIB and JEOPARDIZE, to win at Scrabble, Words With Friends and more. Example: He was flooded with joy when he read the poem. Then J is jumping, one might even say jolly and juicy. Sort by. It'srubenesque and voluptuous. Synonyms: anniversary, commemoration, celebration. In just a few thoughtful pages, Philip Lopate explores the mysteries of duration, T Cooper provides a list of what transgender does and does not mean, while Michelle Richmond does the math it's algebra on the Lucky Pierre (I didn't know what it was, either). For when you really want to tell someone to suck it. "Jas" was a Creole brothel where jezebels worked. or Words with Friends? Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Example: He knew that no matter what, justice will be served. Jam-packed. Cabra is feminine, and Cabro is masculine, and both are offensive. Promoters knew "ass music" was offensive, so the spelling moved from "Jass" to "Jazz," hence "Jazz music. A handy phrase for when someones getting on your last nerve. Just wild bout my jelly words, Hasbro Inc., and throughout the rest of the world by J.W. Example: He had jammy luck that never let him down. On streets, on staircases, in bathrooms, in the back of cabs, in a field, against that wall and that wall and that wall, down on the floor, my hair caught in it, the tongue, lightest tongue, hard and pressed and reaching tongue, darted, flicked, down-yourthroat tongue, come up barely for air, in hotel beds, in a borrowed bed, and in the same bed night after night after year after night, through an open window, under pines, underwater, on a raft, in rain, salty with ocean, a peck at the door, a have a good day, or again slow, slow, the melt, the play of lips, a lower lip caught flicked with teeth, pulling back just a little to breathe together. A hooker's customer is a John. The female of some species is called a jenny (e.g., jenny wren). Found 12789 words that start with j. SALON is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of, LLC. Lets be honest. Nglish: Translation of dirty for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of dirty for Arabic Speakers. Final Words When the ball rose over the fence, is what I am saying, it just as quickly disappeared. Theres also the male version (yarichin). A list of discrete entities, such as hosts, email addresses, network port numbers, runtime processes, or applications, that have been previously determined to be associated with malicious activity. Words with Friends is a trademark of Zynga with Friends. jury. Filtred list of synonyms for Dirty is here. What are some Canadian words that start with J? These words starting with J will not only help you describe a person positively but also increase your vocabulary. 1. The following lesson shows a full list of common words that start with J. And mint julep just sounds debauched, as The Clovers revealed in the 1952 hit "One Mint Julep": I didn't know what I was doin'I had to marry all day screwing.One mint julep was the cause of it all. Youll hear rude kids sometimes call women this in anime (and real life). When the word "Jass" was printed on posters, the letter "J" was sometimes crossed out for a joke. Jubilees are occasions for jubilation. Fluent in 3 Months Courses: Check out our courses and guides to learn the Fluent in 3 Months method. While there are some differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, these are some standard bad words from the language. Some of them also show up adapted in other languages. Sex can hardly be discussed without the word "job." Words that start with j for Wordle, Scrabble, Words with Friends, and other word games. The very best entries in this tightly packed A-to-Z of highbrow ribaldry examine the kind of vulgarities that absolutely, positively do not belong on NPR's Web site. J has some weird sexualje-ne-sais-quoimojo, some humor (jests, jibes, jokes, jocularity), some sweetness (jams and jellies, Jujubes and Jujifruit) and some heat (joules). after working in the factory all day, his clothes are very, depicting or referring to sexual matters in a way that is unacceptable in polite society, some radio stations refused to play the song because of the, not being in accordance with the rules or standards of what is fair in sport, not following or in accordance with standards of honor and decency, arousing or deserving of one's loathing and disgust, open to improper influence and especially bribery. The female of some species is called a jenny (e.g., jenny wren). Literally meaning a penis or dick. Example: He was making the kids laugh by throwing the balls in a jiggish manner. Learn a new word every day. But script a cursive capital J. decent, obscene, indecent . Jerk, Jingko are negative words that begin with J. Example: She had a joysome cause for her to move forward. any bonuses. Here are all the highest scoring words with j, Another catch-all word, this one is used as an exclamation like damn or shit. But also used to call a woman a slut or a man a dickhead. These are some of the J words for kids that they can learn along with practicing J worksheets. Also fuck or shit, its the common swear word for everything in Italian. 89 are 4 letter We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Snuck, stolen, last, first, unbidden, forbidden, sloppy, delicious. Definition: the action of showing something is right. Check our Scrabble Word Finder, Wordle solver, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words starting with j. racy . Make sure to use the following words to compliment everyone around you. Add them to our dictionary. Like in English, its used as an exclamation or intensifier. Instead, theyll be jealous of your jammy triumph over word finders, word jumbles, and crossword puzzles. Theres that swear word which has all the oomph and intensity behind it. While we're in the jungle, a famous lesbian novel was called "Rubyfruit Jungle.". 40 Dirty synonyms that start with letter R. What are similar words for Dirty starting with R? Example: He jigged in the cockpit because of the excellent news. The following are some encouraging words that start with J that will definitely encourage you. A noun for someone whos being very irritating or arrogant. Example: I love all the warmhearted jollity of the festivals she hosts. Suggest synonym for Dirty Menu Dirty Thesaurus When you enter a word and click on Check Dictionary button, it simply tells you whether it's valid or not, and list out Below is a list of 6 user submitted swear words. Maybe that's J's secret. Example: The only escape for her from the problems was journaling. lameass - loser lardass - overweight individual lesbian - homosexual lesbo - homosexual lezzie - homosexual: More Slang Translators: Text Slang; British Slang; Throw some J-words into the mix. Did you know that the letter j first began as a typographical embellishment for the letter I? Jammy. There is always fun with kids' words that being with J. That's not even a joke! The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Help your child become a wordsmith with this list of four letter words that begin with J. Example: He made fun of nepotism by jocosity and ironic style of writing. 12-Letter Words. Fun-loving Irish guy, full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. Additionally, you can also read the meaning if you want to know more about a particular word. WordNet Princeton University. 4 Letter Words That Start With J. 'Hiemal,' 'brumation,' & other rare wintry words. 6. Yes, ass face, or a little harsher fuck face. Its a pretty intense (and humorous) insult. letter "J", organized by the number of letters that the word has. "What I really miss is the make out. The first surprise of your mouth and mine, the instant way we begin to speak together a language we have never spoken together, a little tentative, small promises, a fluency, accented, dialected, each vowel and consonant exactly formed, sudden native speakers, pun and slang, the slip of tongue, intentional. Just study these words, and youll be jargonizing with jaw-dropping J-words in a jiffy. The top 3 are: washing, wellcome trust and wellcome collection. Its also used as an exclamation when something bad happens. J is the 10th letter of the English alphabet, but it comes first in many jovial words! Like calling someone a dumbass or twat. Nobody will jeer your judicious word choices. It took me quite a few summers before I knocked one out of the park, though I kept swinging and kept on striking out. Used as an adjective, like Mira este puto Look at this fucking guy.. Learning all these positive words that start with the letter J will definitely help you master the English Language. jactitation - Noun | Jerking, twitching of the body in illness. Basically, a dumbass or idiot you cant stand. There are 1,005 words that start with the letter French, farewell, slippery, criminal kisses. A strong noun to call someone in your wrath. decent, soiled . Theres also knobend and dickhead. And once I started coming like this, let me tell you, I could not stop. Definition: to show great elation or rejoicing. Definition: the profession of writing for newspapers. Survey reveals how many sexual partners Brits have had on average, How I Do It: 'It's empowering to have a guy over and pleasure myself afterwards', Doctor explains why some men faint or get nosebleeds when they get an erection. Used when calling someone promiscuous, and its highly insulting. That was all they could dare mention in 1958: Mama, mama, look at Sister Flo Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you for increasing your vocabulary. Add them to our dictionary . This piece originally appeared on The Week. Its very important to use the right ropes and techniques: substitute a less forgiving material or get the technique wrong and you could end up causing or suffering harm. This is all kinds of. Want to call someone out on their bluff? Learn these words to help you build your vocabulary in English with many useful examples with ESL infographic. Hand jive, doesn't that sound dirty? Similar to Arschgesicht, but this one translates to ass fiddle which is just an incredible insult. Example: Their hearts were jocund by her extravagant speech. Or trying not to, trying to hold back, restraint, restraint and then surrender. Definition: a daily record of news and events of a personal nature. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play! When I gave little sister a dime Example: The mother said, Jeez, after the touching performance from him. "Jack off" spawned "jill off.". 2013-2023 | Privacy Policy, Board Games to Play with Family and Friends, Benefits of Playing Scrabble from Childhood, TWL/NWL (Scrabble US / Canada / Thailand), SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / International). Staying positive can be really hard in todays where everyone is so self-centered. Baseball from morning to night. Words that start with E and contain J are all here. In this lesson, you will learn a list of common words that start with J in English with ESL picture and example sentences to help you expand your vocabulary words. Example: It is justifiable for her to be punished. Often thrown out there as a question of manliness or courage to do or not do something. Example: She bought her baby a jointed doll. Strawberries, sourness of coffee, a slight fizzy sweetness or the clean grass taste as only you taste. Do you remember me baby? Perhaps a bit nicer way to say Vai para o caralho. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Role play also enables people to act out fantasies they wouldnt want to explore in real life, such as pretending to be teacher and student or sex worker and client. Take a look at our favourite language courses. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Into under with for beneath above inside away toward, our mouths, prepositional. Jugs jiggle; and a johnson is a big one. Check words in Scrabble Dictionary and make sure it's an official scrabble word. 3d Shapes Kindergarten Worksheet. Are we missing some words? Manage Settings Another subset of BDSM, ruined orgasms are when somebody is brought to the brink of orgasm and then the stimulation stops. Jugs jiggle; and a johnson is a big one. Check our Scrabble Word Finder, Wordle solver, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words starting with dirty. Heres Metros Fetish A-Z in the letter R: Sorry if you were hoping for a fun one to start: raptophilia is another term for biastophilia, where arousal depends on assaulting an unconsenting person. Definition: to be able to be shown to be right. Each word on its own (osti, calisse and tabarnak) is itself a swear word that can be used individually, but they combine to form a phrase that will have your mother washing your mouth out with soap in no time flat. So keep on reading, and you definitely find many new words. In this article, we have a list of positive words that starts with J even though it might not be even half of the total amount. When we are going through hard times, reading encouraging words can actually help to boost our confidence. Definition: something that is morally right, Synonyms: justifiably legitimately, rightly. Example: A brief exchange of jokey comments from her made him burst into laughter. Also, slut. Add them to our dictionary . Shit is used in so many ways, like piece of shit to say something is worthless, or shitty as an adjective for something bad like a shitty day. You dont know shit means you dont know anything, but you know your shit means you know quite a lot! Too much of that makes you jaded. This is the mother of all curses in Quebec. When you want to get the hell away from someone. Definition: to do something in a jolly manner. Jamming. Like I mentioned, feck is a milder form of fuck, and the same is true for fecker. Especially one, in particular, is almost universal around the globe youll know it as the top dirtiest word in most languages. Compose bold, clear, mistake-free, writing with Grammarly's AI-powered writing assistant, jurisprudential Adjective | Pertaining to the science of philosophy of law, justifiableness Noun | The state or quality of being excusable, juxtaglomerular Adjective | Positioned next to a kidney glomerulus, juxtapositional Adjective | Pertaining to the comparison of two items placed side-by-side, jerrymandering -Verb | Dividing electoral districts so that one political party has an unfair advantage (also spelled gerrymandering), jingoistically Adverb | In a manner marked by extreme nationalism and aggressive foreign policy, journalization Noun | The process of keeping records, especially financial records (also spelled jounalisation), jurisdictional Adjective | Pertaining to the power to carry out legal judgements or enforce laws, jargonisation Noun | The act of including jargon in a text or language (also spelled jargonization), jawdroppingly Adverb | In a manner that causes surprise or astonishment (also spelled jaw-droppingly), jellygraphing Verb | Making copies of writing using a pan of gelatin, jactitation Noun | Jerking, twitching of the body in illness, japonaiserie Noun | Art made in a Japanese style, judicatorial Adjective | Pertaining to the administration of justice, junketeering Verb | Going on extravagant trips at at the government or anothers expense, jacklighted Verb | Hunted by illuminating fish or game with a flashlight, jocoserious Adjective | Mixing humor and seriousness (British English), joblessness Noun | The state of having no job, unemployment, jointedness Noun | The state or condition of having joints, jawcrusher Noun | A device that crushes rocks between two jaws (also spelled jaw crusher), jaywalking Noun | The act of crossing the street in an unsafe or illegal way, johnnycake Noun | Bread made from cornmeal, jumproping Verb | Playing a childrens game that involves jumping over a revolving rope, jackknife Noun | A dive in which the diver folds in half and then straightens out before reaching the water, janissary Noun | A loyal, submissive supporter or soldier (also spelled janizary), jobseeker Noun | An unemployed person who is actively searching for work, jockeying Verb | Maneuvering for position or advantage, jackfish Noun | A pike, especially a northern pike, jackstay Noun | A support of iron, wood, or wire along the yard of a ship to which the sails are fastened, jacquard Noun | Fabric from a distinctive loom, in which the design is woven rather than dyed, jailbird Noun | A convict or an ex-convict, jalousie Noun | A window, shade, or door made of overlapping horizontal slats, jamboree Noun | A crowded celebration or gathering, jacamar Noun | Long-billed tropical birds of the family Galbulidae, jacinth Noun | An orange semiprecious stone, jackdaw Noun | A black and gray bird found in Eurasia and northern Africa, jacking Verb | Raising or lifting with a jack, jackleg Adjective | Unscrupulous, unprofessional, jackpot Noun | The main prize or cumulative stakes in a game or lottery, jaggery Noun | Unrefined sugar from palm sap, jamming Verb | Improvising on a musical instrument, along with a group, janitor Noun | A buildings caretaker or cleaner, javelin Noun | A light spear thrown in war, hunting, and sport, jejunum Noun | A section of the small intestine from the duodenum to the ileum, jonquil Noun | A Mediterranean daffodil, jukebox Noun | A coin-operated music player with a list of available songs, jabber Verb | To speak quickly and indistinctly, jabiru Noun | A black-billed, tropical stork, jacana Noun | Long-toed shore birds of the family Jacanidae (also spelled jaana), jackal Noun | A pointy-eared, bushy-tailed canid found in Africa and Asia, jacker Noun | A laborer (British English), jadish Adjective | Possessing jade-like qualities, jailer Noun | A person who imprisons or confines another, jalopy Noun | An old, broken-down vehicle, jarrah Noun | Eucalyptus marginata found in Australia, jaunty Adjective | Sprightly, confident (also spelled janty and jantee), jumble Verb | Mix together into a disorganized pile, jabot Noun | A frilly collar worn by men in the 1700s, jacal Noun | A mud-covered, thatch-roofed hut found in Mexico and the southwestern United States, jager Noun | A rifleman in German or Austrian armies (also spelled jger and jaeger), jalap Noun | A Mexican vine of the morning-glory family, also the drug derived from this plant, jambe Noun | The vertical sides of a doorway, arch, or window (also spelled jamb), jammy Adjective | Lucky (British English), japan Verb | To finish with a high gloss, jemmy Verb | To pry open, as with a crowbar (also spelled jimmy), jerky Adjective | Movement characterized by fits and starts, jetty Noun | A pier or structure that protects a harbor, jiver Noun | Someone who dances the jive, a type of swing, junky Adjective | Worn out, of poor quality, jarl Noun | A Scandinavian chieftan or nobleman, jato Noun | An airplane takeoff assisted by jets, jauk Verb | To dawdle (Scottish English), jaup Noun | A splash of dirty water or mud (Scottish English), jeer Verb | To taunt or cry out with derision, jibb Verb | To alter course so that the fore-and-aft sail shifts from one side to the other (also spelled jibe, gibe, gybe, and jib), jimp Adjective | Slender (British English), jink Verb | Move quickly, while shifting direction, jinx Noun | A spell of bad luck brought on by a person, jivy Adjective | Jazzy and lively (also spelled jivey), joky Adjective | Humorous (also spelled jokey), jota Noun | A Spanish folk dance performed to the rhythm of castanets, jowl Noun | Lower jaw (formerly spelled jole), juba Noun | A dance with complex hand rhythms developed by slaves on southern plantations in the United States, jig Noun | A lively dance in triple meter, jog Verb | To run or ride at a slow pace, jo Noun | Sweetheart (Scottish English).