Dover was chosen as the Strafford County Seat and the Court of common pleas (equivalent of a District Court) and the Superior Court were built here. You can use the same identity for future submissions. You must enter a valid email address to submit a police report. You must enter your first name to submit a police report. Arkansas (put in as many dates as needed, a date range, or indicate if it is repeated bahavior), Are there victim(s) of this suspicious or illegal activity? By, March 2023 Fund Drive Rules and Regulations, Persons with disabilities who need assistance accessing NHPR's FCC public files, please contact us at [email protected]. But keep in mind that is not necessarily the function of the Laurie List. Hawaii Box 6604 Signature Drive (off Rte. 24 were here. State: Connecticut Individual radios would not replace the call boxes until 1965. (Example: "drk gray" or "maroon/tan") Value of Loss: In 1991 William Fenniman, Jr., became the 24th Chief of Police for the City of Dover. Kershaw suffers from a condition that may pose a risk to her health and safety if not properly monitored and treated. Rick Ganley: So this officer, Megan, lied about chasing the car. Puerto Rico In addition to many other duties, dispatchers have theprimary responsibility for initial deployment of public safety personnel and equipment to calls for service. Rhode Island It was during the earlier years that the Commission made great strides in improving the Department. Victim Date of Birth: Please allow for a few weeks of investigation and/or board discussion based on your tip. All five suspects were processed and held at the Strafford County House of Corrections pending arraignment, which was scheduled for Wednesday, police said. In the 1858 annual report of the City the Police Station (as it was now called - previously it was the City Marshalls Office) contained a desk, clock, ten chairs, six cushions, stove and funnel, a looking glass, one coal hood and shovel, five tin dippers, one glass lantern, six handcuffs, one leather strap, six mattresses, four blankets, three tin chambers, one water pail, a hatchet and gas fixtures. Alaska The Dover Police Department has arrested a 15-year-old, of Dover, for the arson that occurred at the YMCA, 1137 South State Street Dover, DE , on February 16, 2023. During the investigation, Detectives were able to identify the 15-year-old and obtain warrants for his arrest. If you are here to make an anonymous tip on a crime, wanted person, etc. Victim Massachusettes (You can still enter descriptive information below.) I do not know the address but can describe the location(s): *In your own words, please tell us what happened: I am the victim of this crime/incident submitting for myself. Yellow. I understand that this web site is intended only for Dover, New Hampshire. projects in conjunction with Dover Police Charities. During prohibition, Dover had a single police motorcycle for motor vehicle enforcement. South Dakota (pick from list) A black leather belt was around the waist and a 20" "club" was worn in a loop on the outside of the coat. Texas Want to know more? tip by tip basis. Virginia The Public Safety Dispatch Center is the processing point for virtually all police and fire department telephone and computer communications entering (or leaving) the police department. ): Suspect #2 Name (first, last, even a nickname): Other Suspect #2 Descriptors (tatoos? A monthly donation of $5 makes a real difference. I have reviewed this report and believe it to be accurate. The mission of the Dover Police Department is to enforce the laws of society, maintain order, protect life and property, deliver quality service to the community, and to assist the public-at-large in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity of all persons as provided for by law and under the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Hampshire.. Eye Color: Known Associates: Louisiana Because alcohol was illegal in the United States many attempted to obtain alcohol through illegal methods which included transporting it in cars from "stills" or from nearby Canada. Florida 2. It written in the 1912 Police Annual Report that the motorcycle officer made eight speed-related "arrests" during the year. 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Please call the Dover Police at (603)742-4646 for in progress parking violations. Skin: Virgin Islands Michael Rand of Rochester pleads guilty to fentanyl distribution, Dover's Marc Martin gets 18 months in prison for fentanyl distribution, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. In an article published in The Dover Enquirer January 30th, 1838, the Judge of the Dover Court of Common Pleas found Elijah Nutt of Wolfeboro guilty of stealing a sheep and sent him to the State Prison for 5 years. H. On December 31, 1888, Dover Police Special Officer George E. Pray was killed in the line of duty. Officer Pray was shot and killed in Madbury while trying to take a man named Charles Tanner into custody. Dovers City Marshal, James Fogarty, had been notified by a man named John Huckins that Tanner was at his house in Madbury but needed to be returned to the Concord Insane Asylum. A few years earlier, Tanner had escaped from Concord and Huckins had successfully appealed to the courts so that he could take custody of Tanner as his guardian. Huckins reported to Marshall Fogarty that he could no longer control Tanner and asked for officers to return him to the Concord Asylum. Special Officer George Pray, along with a man named William Robinson (no indication that he was a police officer), went to the residence and confronted Tanner at the dinner table. When Officer Pray told Tanner that he was there to arrest him and bring him back to Concord, Tanner left the table and ran upstairs. As the officer and Robinson followed, Tanner emerged from a bedroom upstairs with an single barrel muzzleloaderand shot Officer Pray in the chest. Officer Pray fell into Robinsons arms. Robinson carried him down the stairs and placed him on the floor where he died. Tanner fled the house, likely out the second floor window. When sending an email to the Webmaster you may no longer be anonymous. District of Columbia (Examples: "theft from car", "drugs", "shoplifting", "underage drinking party", "wanted person", etc. To submit a tip for a town other than Dover NH, click the Resources tab. You must enter a daytime telephone number to submit a police report. The first jail in Dover was the County facility built in 1773 on "Jail Hill" in the area opposite Saint Josephs Church off Central Avenue. Home. Kershaw left her residence in the 600 block of North Bradford Street at approximately 4:55 p.m. operating a maroon 2012 Mazda 5, with a Delaware Registration 38400, headed toward North Little Creek Road in Dover however she has not been seen or heard from since.If you have any information on Kershaws whereabouts, please call 302-736-7111. Medium Brown Dark Brown Do not use a PO box. It is okay to leave fields blank except for those indicated as mandatory by red type color and an asterisk. If the property is your vehicle, please continue to the vehicle section below. Dark Brown North Dakota From the reports it appears that the early Dover Police Officers were paid an annual fee of $10 with additional fees paid for their "services" performed. Kershaw has been located and is safe.Incident/Complaint#:50-23-6377. Today the Dover Police Department handles approximately 26,000 calls for service a year and is made up of several bureaus under two Divisions. This jail, which housed captured British soldiers during the revolution, remained there until a new County Jail was built on Silver Street in 1827. In 1905 the first police call boxes were installed throughout the downtown area. You must enter your date of birth to submit a police report. and indictment of individuals responsible for drug offenses and other The investigation began at 4:48 p.m. when Dover Police was notified of a fire at the YMCA. Wyoming, *Primary Phone Number: He was partnered with another officer at all times. Box 660 4 Signature Drive (off Rte. Just a few months after he was fired by the Dover police force, Kondrup applies for and gets a job in nearby Lee, New Hampshire, working for that police force. Todd Bookman: Well, the police chief in Lee, Thomas Dronsfield, was candid, and he is certainly not remorseful about his decision to hire Kondrup. To better assist the community the Department has formed specialized assignments for crime scene investigations, sexual assault investigations, fatal motor vehicle accidents and drug investigations. Alaska Thomas is described as a white female, approximately 54 and 120 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing a maroon shirt, black pants, and gray and black new balance sneakers. The Dover Police Department was the 62nd agency in the United States and the 1st New Hampshire Police Department to gain accredited status, and has been accredited since March, 1988. You must enter your first name to submit a police report. Rochester NH Police Department 23 Wakefield Street Rochester, NH 03867 Business Line: 603-330-7127 FOR EMERGENCIES DIAL 911. Retired after 4 years with the Department, Drigon conducted numerous searches for suspects and missing persons and recovered over $200,000 of illegal drugs. You know, our reporting has found that of the 90 names released so far, more than 80 of those officers are no longer working as police in the state. (required to continue) Ohio If you are here to make an anonymous tip on a crime, wanted person, etc. Another man, William S. Leighton was found guilty of breaking into a shop and stealing a pair of boots and sentenced to the State Prison for 3 years. As a primary role, Dover CrimeLine works We are not the investigators. Advanced Scuba Diver; Ultimate Rescue Diver; Specialties. (Or estimated age.) Stop and Go signs were also used to control traffic. Alabama The second thing that happened is that Kondrup's police certification was suspended or withdrawn by the state. The regulations stated, "no person shall make any brawls or tumult in any street, lane or alley, or other public place, be guilty of any rude, indecent or disorderly conduct or shall insult or wantonly impede any person thereon or shall throw any stones, bricks, snow balls or dirt or play at ball, or at any game where a ball is used.". The annual pay for the City Marshall was set at $1,000.00 and the Assistant City Marshall was to receive $300.00. (No PO or APO please. Subscribe to the City's weekly newsletter, Dover Download. Vermont Suspicious Activity - report not in progress suspicious activity, i.e., person(s) lurking or hanging around and acting suspicously. Virginia Dover Police Case #2022-007267. A. Light (Case Number 20016936) 04/15/2020 - The Dover Police Department is seeking information about the vehicle/person shown below. Washington Todd started as a news correspondent with NHPR in 2009. 2020 Use of Force Analysis. You will be required to submit personal information and a valid email address as part of your online police report. 2 1 3 Show this thread Dover NH Police The New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council permanently revoked Krondrups police certification last week and hes no longer allowed to be an officer in the state. Not only were the sentences long but the fines were paid to the Police Officer. Welcome to the website of the Dover, New Hampshire Police Department. Suspect #1 Name (first, last, even a nickname): Gender: Seven (7) badges were ordered from the firm of J & J Holt for $5.50. It was not immediately known if the suspects had attorneys. Contact Information for Person Submitting this Report, *Street Addressou must enter a physical address. The seminars typically end by 11:00 a.m. This crime/incident is NOT in PROGRESS. This crime/incident occurred within the City of Dover, NH. Todd Bookman: So three things appear to have happened. Albino He retreated for a moment, and pushed himself into the cellar, where he found the floor of the courtroom in the vicinity of the big furnace that was used to heat it all on fire. If you are unsure of your CrimeLine number or the anonymous identity you created and believe you may be eligible for a reward, please call 603-749-6000. Suspect(s) identification listed below. It is also the main hub for all radio communications. Neighborhood Watch/Riverwatch programs have been established using volunteers from the public and senior citizens work as volunteers within the Police Department. Want to know more? In July 1857 a "lock up" was built within this office. (Required to submit report.) Alternate Email Address: Identification of Suspect(s) is unknown. You do not have to submit an application prior to attending and there is no need to register for the event. The first attempts to keep track of those arrested in Dover began in 1908 when fingerprinting and photographing began for some "prisoners." Lost Property - report lost property where the value of your loss does not exceed $500. Subscribe to the City's weekly newsletter, Dover Download. Rick Ganley: Megan, you reported the victim's families didn't even know about Kondrup's termination until recently. Submit Your Report. Your support makes this news available to everyone. Name and Date of Birth of Person Submitting this Report, (Fields colored red and with an asterisk * are mandatory.). Chief Breault testified that the officer failed to report the whole truth, purposely leaving details out, and that his story was obviously not consistent with the surveillance footage that they had. In 1992 the Dover Police Department obtained its first Police K-9. He told me he knew exactly what was in the personnel file in Dover, the conduct that got Kondrup fired, because the Lee department had a chance to review it. The Dover Police Department is actively seeking qualified candidates for the position of police officer. Qualified women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should click the Career Opportunities link to the left to learn more. Certified police officers are encouraged to contact Sergeant Matthew P. Travaglini at (603) 742-4646 or by e-mail at Sergeant Matthew P. Travaglini. (required to continue) This checkbox is required to submit your report. Case number 20008196. 3. New Hampshire (You can estimate date and time or enter a range. Race: ), Damaged Location:Super Lodge Motel, 246 North DuPont Highway Dover, DE. Waters has been located in Townsend, DE and is safe. Washington Megan Fernandes: Yeah, it was virtual over Zoom and it was quite interesting. Because of the traditionally violent nature of "domestic disturbances", we require you to see an officer in person. CALEA is a non-profit agency founded in 1979 to establish a series of professional standards for law enforcement agencies throughout the world. If you or someone you know is a victim or witness of crime or have lost a loved one to a sudden death and are in need of assistance, the, Megans Law Sex Offender Notifications 3-3-2023. P.O. Give today. Complete the Online Form. In 1933 the Dover City Hall once again burned down. for the citizens of Dover, New Hampshire. Eleven robberies were reported in 1984 and none were reported in 1996. It is my opinion that you are exploring the website of one of the finest Police Departments in the country. Value of Loss: (Describe vehicle's involvement below.). The Hampton police logs list the following incidents relating to arrests or detention via protective custody, as reported for the time period of July 1 to July 7. The Dover Police Department will be hosting a How to Succeed in the Hiring Process seminar on Saturday, March 18th, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. Annually, we work on various fund raising 323 were here. Call Dover Police at (603)742-4646 for in progress littering. Circuit Clerk: Cheryll Andrews Deputy Clerk: Andrea Dumont-Snowdon Phone: 1-855-212-1234 for calls from US or Canada (Calls from outside US or Canada call 603-415-0162) We ask that you immediately call local authorities if you witness suspicious or illegal activity that has just occurred or is still in progress. Nevada Unknown Trevor L. Whittaker, 24, of 2 New York St., Dover, was arrested on a Somersworth Police. In 1856 the City Marshalls office was put into the City hall which was located at the Corner of Washington Street and Central Avenue. ), (You can still enter descriptive information below. These two suspects have no known address, Pettingill said. Colorado Weight: Other Suspect #1 Descriptors (tatoos? To submit a tip for a town other than Dover NH, please click on the Resources tab. ), To send questions or comments to the Webmaster, copy and paste. (pick from list) Hawaii We encourage anybody with information, no matter how small the detail, to call Dover CrimeLine at 749-6000 or submit an E-Tip. Documents cannot be submitted online but you may be asked at a later date to forward copies to the Police Department. Narrative: The Dover Police Department is investigating an arson that occurred at the YMCA Thursday evening. Name: Kentucky Approximate Weight or Range: Hair Color: Dover NH Police (@dovernhpolice) Instagram photos and videos. City of Dover Fire Marshals Office and Dover Polices Criminal Investigations Unit are investigating. unwanted communication from person(s). North Carolina If you are not redirected to a "thank you" page, double check the form fields that require data. recipient while maintaining anonymity. Though night watchmen and night police had been hired on and off over the previous years, the hiring of officers to work full time in 1867 resulted in around the clock protection in the City of Dover for the first time. Police Union Collective Bargaining Agreement 2018-2021 ; Police Union Sidebar Agreement 2020; Press Release - K9 Indy Vest Donation; Contact Info . ), (You can enter approximate age or range), (You can enter an approximate age or range). April 23rd, dispersing Irish men fighting near Savils on Sabbath, 75 cents. There are 2 Police Departments in Dover, New Hampshire, serving a population of 30,901 people in an area of 27 square miles.There is 1 Police Department per 15,450 people, and 1 Police Department per 13 square miles.. Manning for the Police Department in 1907 consisted of a City Marshal, Assistant Marshal, Captain of the Watch, Two day officers, 7 night officers and 92 specials. There are also required checkboxes adjacent to statements. Tennesee Try to create an identity that is easy to remember but does not personally identify you: Example: "giraffe3322", "mustang6682", "lamp9912".