The term "building setback" means the required separation between a lot line (and/or right-of-way line) and a building or structure. 2018-1500 - Rezoning Property of Jimaki Witherspoon (Applicant Kenny Barnes), document Header 2019-1628 - Authorizing And Approving The First Amendment To the Fee Agreement for RV-Imagitas LLC and Lancaster Real Estate Group LLC, document Header 2018-1550 - Rezoning Application of Widewaters Land Company LLC (Property Owned By PWO LLC), document Header 2022-1810 - Rezoning Property Located at 7984 Taxahaw Road from RUB, Rural Business District, to AR, Agricultural Residential District (Applicant Nathaniel B. Purser) (RZ-2022-0672). NOTICE: Lancaster County is currently in the process of implementing the Evolve Project System that will enable Developers, Engineers and Architects to submit projects for review, track status of your project, view comments, resubmit plans and pay for projects online. Ordinance 2015-1325 - Rezoning of Mary Alice Stroud Knight - 1702 John Truesdale Road, document Header Street Side/Secondary Front Setback (min) Corner 20 ft 20 ft 20 ft 20 ft 20 ft 2018-1526 - Authorization of Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Synergy Steel Holdings, Inc (Project Wine), document Header 2019-1614 - Rezoning Property Owned By Kershaw Property LLC And Located At 7784 Kershaw Camden Highway From HI to GB, document Header 2019-1609 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance Regarding Chapter 7.4.6 (C) to Remove Message Restrictions on Permitted Electrically-Activated Changeable Signs for Schools, Colleges or Universities, Public Safety Stations, Worship Centers, Public Recreation Facilities and Hospital Uses, document Header 2019-1564 - Amending the Economic Development Advisory Board, document Header Ordinance 2015-1381 Multi County Park Property - 5 Parcels for Lineberger, document Header Ordinance 2015-1384 Rezone Property 2670 Flat Creek Road, document Header 2017-1488 - Rezoning Property of Branbro Investments LLC, document Header Ordinance 2015-1342 - Suspension of Sunday work prohibitions, document Header 2020-1669 - Adopting Amendments to Elements of the Comprehensive Plan, document Header 2021-1765 - Rezoning Property Located at 2239 McIlwain Road, Lancaster, SC, From GB, General Business District, To MDR, Medium Density Residential District (Applicant Mark Bridges) (RZ-2021-1666), document Header 2017-1468 - Amend the UDO Within the Text In 7 Separate Instances, document Header Rezoning Request; Zoning and Occupancy (Business) Zoning and Occupancy (Home) . 2022-1807 - Rezoning Property from Rural Neighborhood District, RN, to General Business District, GB (Applicant Robert Glenn Couch) (RZ-2022-0355), document Header 2021-1763 - Authorization of the Issuance and Sale of Special Obligation Bonds, Series 2021 (for Fire Apparatus), document Header Internal setbacks. Often, homeowners want to trim the branches of trees that extend onto their property. 2022-1820 - Approval of a Master Development Plan and Preliminary Plat for Redstone Phase II (Applicant Redstone Investors, LLC) (MX-2021-1650), document Header 2020-1675 - Placing the Question of Amending the Lancaster County Form of Government on the November Ballot, document Header 2016-1407 MCP Agreement - Chesterfield, document Header Call 811 or 1-800-331-5666, or submit an online request. Search the City Charter; Search the Municipal Code; Search the Design Standards 2020-1657 - Rezoning Property Located at 9895 Calvin Hall Road, Fort Mill, SC, From MDR to PB, document Header 2016-1393 Walnut Creek Bond Area, document Header 2020-1642 - Rezoning Property Owned by Francis Faile Jr. From MDR to GB, document Header 2020-1688 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding Residential Care Facilities, document Header 2021-1722 - Adoption of a Fire Development Impact Fee, document Header Ordinance 2015-1321 - Joint County Industrial Park relating to enlarging the park and extending the termination date for Schaeffler Group USA, document Header 2022-1808 - Rezoning Property from High Density Residential, HDR, to Medium Density Residential, MDR, for the Purpose of Creating a Single-Family Residential District (Applicant Earl Coulston) (RZ-2022-0412), document Header 2020-1667 - Rezoning Property Owned by NC Investors, LLC (Applicant GS Property Investments, LLC), document Header Setbacks vary by zoning district, and there are numerous exceptions to accommodate a variety of particular lot circumstances. 2021-1737 - Rezoning Property Located at 182 Patterson Lane from NB to MX (Applicant Arlington Properties)(RZ-2020-2740), document Header Ordinance 2015-1326 - Procurement Re: Brand Name, document Header 2021-1707 - Rezoning Property Owned by Tracey Griffin and Located at 4889 Charlotte Highway, Lancaster, SC, From RN to INS (RZ-2020-2745), document Header 2019-1563 - Rezoning Property Owned By Erin Kersey from LI to RN, document Header what is the recommended ratio for lifeguard to swimmer 2019-1621 - Rezoning Property Owned By Cane Mill Associates of Elgin LP From NB to PB (Applicant Mike Williams), document Header Ordinance 2015-1359 Culp/Revocab property, document Header 2017-1485 - Amend Ordinance 2016-1422 (UDO) regarding Private Driveways, document Header 2017-1446 - Adoption of Capital Improvements Program 2017-2026, document Header 2020-1668 - Granting of Easement from Lancaster County to Greenway Square Retirment Community, document Header 2019-1636 - Rezoning Seven Parcels of Real Property Owned By Lancaster County Water and Sewer District, document Header BUILDING HEIGHT A. Ordinance 2015-1351 Moratorium North of Highway 5, document Header 2022-1836 - Authorization of an Amendment to the Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Studio Displays Inc to Add T&T Capital LLC With Retroactive Effect, document Header 2021-1757 - Approval of an Easement Grant to the Lancaster County Water and Sewer District, document Header 2021-1782 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 5.2.5., Halfway Homes, document Header 2021-1712 - Conveyance of Surplus Property on Happy Trail, document Header 3 Table of Contents . 2020-1664 - Amending Ordinance 2019-1594 and the FY 2019-2020 Budget, document Header 2019-1572 - Rezoning Property Owned by Katawba Valley Land Trust From GB to OSP, document Header 2018-1497 - Rezoning a Portion of the Property of Donald Alban, document Header 2018-1514 - Amend the UDO regarding Setback Requirements for Farm Animals, document Header Ordinance 2015-1336 - GO Bond Pleasant Valley, document Header 2017-1481 - Amend Multi-County Park Agreement with Chesterfield County to Include Property of Golden Spike LLC, document Header Ordinance 2015-1337 - GO Bond Regular Babs 2010, document Header This office also enforces Zoning and Land Development regulations through Code Enforcement activities. Once you have your permit in hand you can schedule your inspections by going on or calling Permit Services at 803-909-7200. 2021-1740 - Amending Ordinance No. Lancaster Sheriff's Office 1520 Pageland Hwy. 4865 2020-1650 - Amending the Lancaster County Code Related to the Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee, document Header In order to finalize all permits, it is necessary for applicants to sign and submit the Permit Declaration if applying at City Hall. 2019-1556 - Rezoning Application of Stephen Klena and Betsy Smith from INS to LDR, document Header The items are provided as a public service and Lancaster County presents them for your information only. Note: SC Code Section 40-59-260 "State law requires residential construction to be done by licensed residential builders and specialty contractors. Coordinator List. Share this page on your favorite Social network, Categories always sorted by seq (sub-categories sorted within each category), document Header 2018-1536 - Rezoning Property of Lorraine T. Harper from RN to LI, document Header 2016-1421 FY 2016-2017 Budget Amendment, document Header 2022-1809 - Amending Ordinance 2021-1741 Relating to the Detailed Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022, document Header 2018-1513 - Amend the UDO regarding Trail Requirements, document Header South Carolina Building Codes Council 2021 Modification Index effective January 1, 2023 Original document 2020 South Carolina Building Codes Document No. 2019-1566 - Rezoning Application of Lennar Carolinas, LLC to Rezone Property from RN to MDR (Property Owned by Karry Elson and Rebecca Elson), document Header 2017-1435 - Amend Chapter 8 of UDO - Relating To Insert The Effective Date For FIS, document Header 2020-1682 - Rezoning Property Owned by Taylor's Grove Baptist Church from INS to GB (Applicant Whitehall Development Group, LLC), document Header 2017-1438 - Amend Chapter 6 of UDO, document Header No. 2018-1498 - Rezoning Property of Michael Hill/Sam's Express Carwash, document Header 2017-1470 - Amendment to FY 2017-2018 Budget (Amend Ordinance No. 2018-1548 - Rezoning Application of Fred Brackett (Property Owned by Albert Blake Evans), document Header Lancaster County Engineer (If property located in Lancaster County, Nebraska) Trees, Grasses and Ornamentals: Care should be taken in selecting plant materials for your acreage. . 2017-1454 - Rezoning Two Properties of Kershaw Properties LLC/Cara McCoy, document Header 2019-1622 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance To Require Sketch Plans for Major Subdivisions, Mixed Use Developments and Certain Site Plans, document Header Online payment is scheduled to be available November 1st. 2020-1661 - Authorization of a Fee Agreement with Remac Corporation D/B/A McClancy Seasoning Company, NBI Investments II, LLC & NBI Investments III, LLC, document Header Ordinance 2015-1322 - Library Duplicate Language, document Header lancaster county, sc building setbacks. Copy and paste this code into your website. Ordinance 2015-1368 regarding Walnut Creek Bond, document Header 2020-1673 - Authorizing the Reimposition Of A One Percent Sales And Use Tax Within Lancaster County For Not More Then Seven Years (Capital Project Sales Tax), document Header powered by NEOGOV . 2018-1542 - Rezoning Eleven (11) Properties Owned By Lancaster Land LLC, First Land Company Inc. (Applicant Lennar Carolinas, LLC), document Header 2021-1720 - Amending the Lancaster County Code of Ordinances Entitled, "Motor Vehicles And Traffic," in order to Update the Chapter Governing the Disposition of Derelict or Abandoned Vehicles, document Header Ordinance 2016-1398 2016-2017 Budget, document Header Ordinance 2015-1319 - Road Improvement and Maintenance fees related to deleting Dealer Tags, document Header Ordinance 2016-1403 Moratorium, document Header 2020-1645 - Correcting a Scrivener's Error in Ordinance 2019-1620, document Header The Eighth Edition of Manual J (MJ8 - ACCA/ ANSI) is the American National Standard for residential heating and cooling load calculations.. 2016-1410 Rezoning of 4309 Great Falls Highway, document Header 2017-1447), document Header 2019-1573 - Rezoning Property Owned by Suzanne And Fred Mangano From LDR to MH, document Header 34) SAP, Telecommute/Hybrid, IT Project Manager, Computer Engineer. document Header 2022-1830 - Amending Chapter 7 of the Lancaster County Code to Adopt Updated Uniform Building Codes as Mandated by the SC Building Codes Council 2022-1836 - Authorization of an Amendment to the Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Studio Displays Inc to Add T&T Capital LLC With Retroactive Effect 2022-1816 - Rezoning Property Located at 7580 Charlotte Highway from Neighborhood Business District (NB) to General Business District (GB) to Allow Potential Tenants of Existing Shopping Center Use/Sale of Alcohol, Beer, Craft Beer and Wine (Applicant Michelle Sharp on Behalf of R.B. 2016-1428 Transfer of property to the Town of Kershaw, document Header 2022-1795 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements (UDO-TA-2021-2981), document Header (Supp. PRINCIPAL BUILDING A. It is the setback in the Discussion Draft. All map amendments will also be contained . 2020-1658 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding Public Notification, document Header 2021-1761 - Adoption of the Lancaster County School District Development Impact Fee, document Header There are 10 Building Departments in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, serving a population of 536,494 people in an area of 944 square miles.There is 1 Building Department per 53,649 people, and 1 Building Department per 94 square miles.. 2018-1547 - Rezoning Application of Mt. The half mile setback is proposed by the Working Group for enclosed feeding operations. (Cherokee, York, Chester, Lancaster, Chesterfield, Kershaw, Aiken, Lexington . 2021-1771 - Rezoning Property Located at 8918 Charlotte Highway from LI, Light Industrial District, to MX, Mixed Use District (Applicant Crosland Southeast) (RZ-2021-0664), document Header 2018-1511 - Rezoning Property Owned By Pleasant Dale Baptist Church, document Header Ordinance 2015-1353 - Rezone property of Ruby D. Catledge, document Header taxes . Ordinance 2015-1338 - Mini Warehouses, document Header 2020-1684 - Amending the Code of Ordinances Related to Rehabilitation of Historic/Low and Moderate Income Properties, document Header 2019-1568 - Authorization of the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds in the Principal Amount of Not Exceeding $6,000,000, document Header 2017-1483 - Rezoning Property Located at 1059 Rocky River Road. 2020-1683 - Approval of Extension of the Investment Period for Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corporation and to Authorize the First Amendment to the Fee Agreement (Project Pumpkin), document Header 2021-1738 - Approval of the Master Development Plan Submission of Arlington Properties, Incorporated (MXU-2020-2740), document Header maintained in the Lancaster County Planning Department. 2017-1479 - Authorizing Fee Agreement With Rhyno Partners BR Holdings LLC, document Header No. 2022-1802 - Rezoning 38.92 Acres of Property from LDR, Low Density Residential District, to MDR, Medium Density Residential District (Applicant Gabriel Jon Hardy) (RZ-2022-0175), document Header 2022-1822 - Rezoning Property From Low Density Residential District (LDR) to Medium Density Residential (MDR) (Applicant Century Communities - AKA Shiloh Woods) (RZ-2022-0733), document Header 2021-1758 - Adoption of a Small Area Master Plan Extension to the Southern Panhandle Small Area Plan, document Header 2018-1523 - Approval of First Amendment to the Fee Agreement for Sharonview Federal Credit Union and SSRC, document Header 2017-1440 - Amend Fee Agreement with Rico Industries, document Header Ordinance 2015-1363 - To amend Procurement Code, document Header 2017-1465 - Rezoning Property Owned By Ashok Ahluwalia, document Header 2019-1632 - Rezoning Property Owned by Crossridge Center, LLC Located at 8546 & 8574 Charlotte Highway From MX to RB, document Header 2018-1541 - Authorization of Fee Agreement, Fee-in-Lieu of Taxes and SSRC with Nutramax (Project Pepper), document Header Lancaster County, SC Plumbers heating and air conditioning installers and repairers vinyl and aluminum siding installers insulation installers floor covering installers dry wall installers stucco installers electricians roofers masons carpenters painters/wall paperers Plumbers Heating and air conditioning installers and repairers Lee County. Ordinance 2015-1382 Personnel Policy by Ordinance and Employee Residency Requirements, document Header 2019-1560 - Adoption of Requirement for Waste Receptacles at Locations that Sell Prepared or Prepackaged Food for Off Premise Consumption, document Header Exterior Lath/Drywall Nailing (All punctures and holes on the exterior must be caulked and filed prior to inspection. 2020-1693 - Authorization of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with 9080 Northfield Drive, LLC, document Header City Main Line: (803) 283-2489 Job Announcement Line: (803) 285-8811 Crime Tip Hotline: (803) 289-6040. 2016-1406 Removal of property from the Chester MCP Agreement, document Header Ordinance 2016-1399 Amended Financial Policies, document Header The SC Building Codes Council reviews and either accepts or denies requests to modify the building codes issued by the International Code Council (ICC). Welcome to Lancaster County Online Permitting Portal NOTICE: Lancaster County is currently is in the process of implementing the Evolve Permit System that will enable contractors to apply and pay for permits online. Building and Zoning Annexation Petition Grading Permit Zoning Occupancy Permit (Residential) Zoning Permit Application . 2020-1656 - Authorization of Waiver of Investment & Job Creation Requirements Imposed By Lancaster County For 2020 for Existing Fee-In-Lieu of Tax Agreements and Special Source Revenue Credit Agreements, document Header 2018-1530 - Placing Synergy Steel Holdings, Inc., Golden Spike, LLC (Project Wine) in a Multi-County Park, document Header the county or the state highway department . Permit Declarations. Residential Patio Covers and Carports 2012_patio-covers-carport 2021-1783 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 4.3.2., Highway Corridor Overlay District Related to Front Setbacks, document Header 2015-1348 Nutramax Fee Agreement, document Header 2019-1623 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance To Expand The Availability of Development Agreements For Land Development Projects, document Header 2021-1732 - Amending the County Code of Ordinances Entitled, "Historical Commission", document Header 234, 7, adopted May 23, 1994, created a building and zoning department for the county, The duties of said department have been set out in section 25-61 of this Code and include issuing permits, performing inspections and administering building codes and related regulations. Setbacks Setbacks are the minimum distance from the front, side, and back yard to the edge of the property line. Marion County . 2021-1715 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding Home Occupations (UDO-TA-2020-0309), document Header 2017-1473 - Rezoning Property Owned By Sarah Ruth Mahaffey, Represented by Jeffery Humphries, document Header 2018-1519 - Amend the UDO regarding Removing Solar Farms being a Conditional Use Permitted in Zoning Classifications RR,RN, LI and HI, document Header 2020-1697 - Fee Agreement, Fee-In-Lieu of Taxes and Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with RISC, LLC and Cooley, Incorporated, document Header 2021-1731 - Authorization of Quit Claim Title to Real Property for an Unnamed Road that Extends from Norfolk Drive to Lynwood Drive, document Header Principal Building (max) B. Accessory Structure (max) C. Additional Height Permitted with Additional Setback Ordinance . search & pay taxes. 2017-1464 - Rezoning Property Owned By Pamela Stewart, document Header 2017-1450 - Amend Procurement Code, document Header 2019-1634 - Amending the UDO To Add Utilities - Class 3 As A Permitted Use in Property Zoned INS, document Header document Header Ordinance 2015-1372 Bradley Mullis rezoning, document Header The Bureau is responsible for protecting the quality of the state's surface and ground water and insuring safe drinking and recreational water for the public. Ordinance 2015-1373 Rezone 3888 Chester Highway, document Header 2019-1587 - Rezoning Property Owned By Johnny E. Helms (Applicant David Freeman) from LDR to NB, document Header 30-ft front building setback 20-ft side building setback . 2019-1553 - Authorization of the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds in the Principal Amount of Not Exceeding $19,000,000, document Header The triangular openings at the open side of stair, formed by the riser, tread and bottom rail of a guard, shall not allow pas-sage of a sphere 6 inches (153 mm) in diameter. 2019-1599 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance by Deleting Existing Wording in Section 9.2.15(D) And The Addition Of Wording To Section 9.2.15(D) Regarding Waiting Period For Subsequent Applications, document Header 2019-1617 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance to Remove the UDO Advisory Committee, document Header Ordinance 2015-1354 Rezoning property of Red Ventures, document Header document Header Ordinance 2015-1329 - Amendment regarding Hwy Corridor Overlay District, document Header 2022-1824 - Amending the Economic Development Advisory Board to Add the Greater Indian Land Chamber of Commerce as a Member, document Header June 12, 2022 . 2021-1700 - Rezoning Property at 7907 Henry Harris Road (Applicant Ryan Urban)(RZ-020-2054), document Header 2023-1838 - Amending Ordinance 2022-1803 relating to the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget, document Header The CAFO Combined Quarter Mile shows a quarter mile setback to dwellings and public uses. 2017-1430 - Rezoning Property Of Elizabeth Hill, document Header Senior Continuous Improvement Leader. 2021-1774 - Rezoning Property Located at 935 Winston Drive, Lancaster, SC, from GB to MDR (Applicant Howard Strickland, Jr.) (RZ-2021-1796), document Header 2018-1539 - Amending the Purchasing Card Program, document Header 2020-1689 - Rezoning Property From RN to MDR (Applicant Carolina Ventures 1, LLC, Robert Turri), document Header 2017-1472 - Rezoning Property Owned By Fred Brackett, document Header Ordinance 2015-1360 Covnington Development Agreement, document Header 2022-1804 - Authorizing and Approving the Transfer of a Fee In Lieu of Tax Arrangement with Nutramax Distribution, LLC, as Successor to Cardinal Health 200, LLC F/K/A Allegiance Healthcare Corporation (Project Genesis), document Header 3. 2021-1708 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to Allow for Landfill - Class One Composting Facility Use in the Heavy Industrial District as a Special Exception (UDO-TA-020-2578), document Header 2018-1490 - Rezoning Acreage in Bailes Ridge from PDD-5 to PDD-27, document Header Guards on the open sides of stairs shall have a height not less than 34 inches (864 mm) measured vertically from a line connecting the leading edges of the treads. rex harrison audrey hepburn relationship. Drinking Water Overview Residential Wells Public Water Supplies - Wells Permit Forms, Guidance for Public Water Supplies Small Business Water Systems Water System Classifications Drinking Water Compliance Enforcement, Violations - Drinking Water, Well Drilling Fees - Public Water Systems Cross Connection Control and Backflow . Ordinance 2016-1397 Transfer Property to the Lancaster County School District, document Header 2020-1655 - Rezoning Property Owned by Candis Lee Lettman and Jason Richard Lettman From INS to RR, document Header 2019-1616 - Rezoning Property Owned By Donna S. Patterson From MX To NB (Applicant Sam Levin), document Header 2022-1803 - Approval of a Detailed Budget for Lancaster County for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023; To Set Millage Rates for the Levy of Ad Valorem Taxes; To Approve a Schedule of Taxes, Fees and Charges, document Header Job in Lancaster - Los Angeles County - CA California - USA , 93534. ISBN # 1-892765-35-7. 2016-1420 Multi-County Park Central Wire, document Header 2021-1741 - Approval of a Detailed Budget For The Fiscal Year 2021-22, document Header 2015-1352 MultiCounty Park Agreement, document Header setback. Wetlands. 2022-1812 - Authorization of an Amended and Restated Fee Agreement with Don Construction Products, Inc. document Header 2021-1711 - Approval of a Development Agreement with Redwood, USA, LLC (DA-020-2650), document Header