Millburn police officers did show up at the scene but was heavily criticized on social media after Elphick walked away scot-free. Victoria's Secret store 'Karen' launches 'attack' on black woman and then screams and rolls on floor while begging not to be filmed. She nailed it. And she completely lied. A black woman was harassed, followed, and attacked, while shopping at #VictoriaSecret. Online, the woman's actions have morphed into a viral meme, and she has been given the nickname "Victoria's Secret Karen." "Karen" is a slang term usually used in reference to a white woman who is . The police report was not an entirely accurate recording of what occurred, given that Elphick was the one to initially call the police. Many online have dubbed Abigail "Victoria's Secret Karen," however, I won't be referring to Abigail as Karen. The second woman who was videoing much of the incident asked the officers to remove the first woman from the mall because she felt threatened, described the police report as saying. In fact, they were entirely dismissive of her claims against Elphick. Im also filing a complaint against the mall security. IJOEMA Ukenta is the alleged victim attacked by Abigail Elphick - the woman branded "Victoria's Secret Karen" on social media. Who is Ethan Hooper? Shes calling the police on me now. Grab this woman? She screamed hysterically, chased her and disrupted your store. . Abigail Elphick, the Victoria's Secret Karen, is truly innocent. She kept expressing her concern about her job and apartment. Karen thinks that Victoria's Secret is tracking people through their bra. A Black woman has fundraised more than $100,000 for legal fees, after a so-called "Victoria's Secret Karen" apparently charged at her and chased her around the store before calling police.. I hope that clears up any confusion! Everyone of their employees need some urgent training on how to deal with abusive customers (call police/security), and they, definitely, need training on how to de-escalate a situation to protect other customers. One supporter wrote on her page: Im so sorry that you have had to spend your time and energy battling the injustice you suffered. According to, she can sue for emotional distress through a negligent act., The site states, Victims can successfully sue police officers for emotional distress when an officer has caused emotional distress through a negligent act, or intentionally acted in a way that directly caused the emotional injury. In the videos, the woman is seen asking Ukenta to stop. Police officials have not identified the second woman, and USA TODAY is not naming her because she has not been charged with a crime. #Elphick #AbbyElphick #VideoEverything, Victoria Secrets Karen's mother a lieutenant at the Secaucus Police Department - gee I wonder why the responding officers did not so much as escort #Karen out of the mall #Karen Pending further review, the Millburn Police Department believes our officers acted professionally and capably in defusing the situation and restoring calm and order, the police statement to says. Black woman subject to random racist attack while jogging, Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged in, Please refresh your browser to be logged in, Woman raises HVgHDx1P after sharing video of Victorias Secret Karen, Extra 20% off selected fashion and sportswear at Very, Up to 20% off & extra perks with Genius Membership, $6 off a $50+ order with this AliExpress discount code, 10% off selected orders over 100 - eBay discount code, Compare broadband packages side by side to find the best deal for you, Compare cheap broadband deals from providers with fastest speed in your area, All you need to know about fibre broadband, Best Apple iPhone Deals in the UK March 2023, Compare iPhone contract deals and get the best offer this March, Compare the best mobile phone deals from the top networks and brands. Victorias Secret, in my opinion like what do we expect them? Victorias Secret released a statement that said associate and customer safety is our top priority and we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. Then, the woman calls the police on Ukenta. Perhaps, she didnt want her caucasity to be on full Annie Cooper display and those allow the people that she works at her job, lives near in her neighborhood or her Black friends that she went to school with to know exactly who she is. Copyright 2023 LLC 2023-Infinity, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window). Incorrect. Another "Karen" incident is going viral after a white woman was shown screaming on the floor of a New Jersey Victoria's Secret store and even chasing the Black woman filming the incident.. A series of videos uploaded to YouTube Saturday (July 10) starts with Ijeoma Ukenta, who identified herself as the woman recording, pulling away from a white woman who came at her with a raised hand, as if . | Double Toasted - Today at Double Toasted we discuss what we call THE BEST KAREN. Not the proudest moment in human achievement,Karen of Victoria SecretSince the video was posted and the incident Millburn police told New Jersey 101. In a now viral video, it shows the white woman, wearing a blue singlet and shorts, squatting on the ground in the lingerie store in the US. She was at one point asking for people to recommend to her an attorney, but it is not known yet if she has secured one. She screamed hysterically, chased her and disrupted your store.Why was this Karen not escorted off the premises and arrested?Why was the actual victim treated like a criminal? Victorias Secret, in my opinion like what do we expect them? If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. I cant believe security is not here. I was kicked off a tiktok for posting what happened to me and they let someone else post and get millions and millions of views however they deleted 2 of my accounts. And you know what? About roughly 11 days ago, Ijeoma Ukenta, a Nigerian-American Muslim, was shopping at the Short Hill Mall in New Jersey when she encountered Abigail Elphick, who is now known as the infamous "Victoria's Secret Karen". Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged inPlease refresh your browser to be logged in, The Black woman was chased through a store by the shopper, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. All Ukenta wanted, she said in the video, was to indulge in a free pair of panties from a deal run by the lingerie chain but, instead, she had to deal with the revenge of a Karen. Miss Elphick seemed to acknowledge that she was wrong, saying she was concerned about losing her job and apartment if the video posted online. Ukentas video shows a white woman, later identified as Abigail Elphick, hitting the camera, chasing Ukenta around the store, and crying and screaming about being recorded. Elphick is shown in a photo with her brother and parents, Kim and Andrew Elphick. Elphick then called security to complain that Ukenta is recording her mental breakdown, complete with decibel-breaking complaints (Ahh!) and claims that her heart was racingafter chasing Ukenta around the store. She backs off as Ukenta says, Oh my God. the woman calls the police on Ukenta. Its the return of the Karens, and this time, in Victorias Secret. Somebody come look at this, Or Maybe We Can Just Be Silent (@killafran) July 12, 2021. She later called the cops on Ukenta and accused her of threatening her. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. According to Millburn police records, two women shopping at Victorias Secret in Short Hills Mall had a heated "confrontational dispute" on July 11. 3 min read Ijeoma Ukenta captured the bizarre incident in which. A white woman has been dubbed 'Victoria's Secret Karen' after appearing to attack a black woman at the lingerie store and then having a full meltdown after realizing she was being recorded.. You get so aggressive with me, get aggressive like that with her, Ukenta pleaded, citing the store managers own testimony as backup. and she has been given the nickname "Victoria's Secret Karen." . We may earn a commission from links on this page. "Let's not forget her Police Lieutenant mother, which is presumably why she faced zero consequence," wrote one user, while another commented, "Abigail's mother is Kimberly Elphick who is a Lieutenant at nearby Secaucus Police Department Explains why the cops aren't interested in penalizing Abigail at all and why even the concept of a penalty seems totally foreign to Abigail. For real! Sign up for notifications from Insider! Ukenta uploaded the videos of the adult tantrum, and the white woman has since been dubbed "Victoria's Secret Karen" across the internet. Just as the video starts, Karen is lunging toward Ukenta. All that said, the most disgusting . Then, when Ukenta requested that Elphick be removed from the mall for her own safety, the officer responding to the scene told her it wasnt possiblewhile other officers had a very civil conversation with Elphick, who continued to weaponize her white woman tears. Karen is a slang term meaning a white, middle-class woman who weaponises their relative privilege against people of colour. Elphick, a white woman, allegedly lunged at a black woman and was caught on camera having . Nobody asked me was I alright, did I need medical attention. She sobs and shrieks from her position on the floor, screaming at Ukenta to stop recording me., After several minutes of crying and screaming at employees, customers, and Ukenta, the woman leans forward and lowers herself to the ground. The Millburn Police Department in New Jersey is investigating how officers handled a dispute between two women in a Victorias Secret over the weekend that went viral. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. NOW WATCH: VIDEO: Controversial influencer Lovely Peaches tells police she threatened to kill her dog for followers, Screenshot/YouTube - "MAMA AFRICAH MUSLIMAH", To read more stories like this, check out Insider's digital-culture coverage here. Look at all this concern for this lady, she said. The police lieutenant, named Kim Elphick, added, Also, this incident occurred in the Short Hills Mall which is covered by Millburn Police Department. Abigail Elphick was dubbed as the 'Victoria's Secret Karen' and 'Get her away from me Karen' after she was seen attacking Ijeoma Ukenta, a Black woman. According to Insider, Ms Ukenta says she was shopping for underwear when Ms Elphick started browsing uncomfortably close to her, so she asked her to "back up. "Karen" is a slang term usually used in reference to a white woman who is said to act out of a sense of inflated self-importance, according to The Guardian. Parts 3 and 4 coming soon. She then went so far as to call the police on Ijeoma. Victoria Secret . A viral video shows the majority of the. Ijeoma Ukenta, the victim in the video when the incident took place inside of one of their New Jersey locations. A white New Jersey woman broke down in tears, wailed like a toddler, and pretended to pass out as she was being recorded by another woman who claimed the "Karen" tried to hit her at a. In quotes shared by All HipHop, Ukenta said she intends to file a complaint against the officers because she didnt feel protected. She also noted that she will file a complaint against mall security but didnt hold the incident against Victorias Secret staff. On Monday, Ukenta released a YouTube video alleging that TikTok unfairly banned her account, @greengardenbunches, for "bullying" after she posted the Victoria's Secret saga. Ijeoma Ukenta, the victim in the video when the incident took place inside of one of their New Jersey locations. Ukenta attempts to resume her shopping, discussing her reason for being at the store with an employee and moving away from the lounging woman. How much do you think she might get? A white woman caught on camera attacking a Black woman in Victoria's Secret store had a full meltdown after realizing her rude and violent behavior had been caught on camera. Part 2: Im honestly terrified of their fake outrage. It was reported that she is a teacher's aide at Cedar Grove in Newark, New Jersey, though the school district denies she was ever employed there. as well as other partner offers and accept our. Ukenta also released a statement. She also called the police. I am a Black Muslimah Nigerian AM and I was treated like it was 1920 in Short Hills Mall, the page reads. She begins to chase Ukenta around the store, bellowing for her to get away from me as Ukenta flees between store displays and employees. So, Im filing the complaint against the two officers that responded. She noted, on the GoFundMe, that she was assaulted and harassed by a white woman and nothing was done by security nor the police. She intends to use the funds to hire me an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrong. In less than 14 hours, she has already surpassed her $20,000 goal by more than $10,000. Can we not even get our panties in peace? Many wonder why Ukenta continued to tape the entirety of the exchange, but those who are melantated know that this was the only way that she would prove her innocence over the blonde damsel in fake distress. Ukenta, who is black, claimed the aggressor was the other woman, whose attitude seemed to instantly change and who started to play the part of the victim once Ukentas camera started rolling. I was banned off Tik Tok however everyone else was allowed to tell my story. It spread too quickly for me to get ahead of it to address. Heavy has contacted Millburn police to get their response as well as the police reports, and both will be added to this story if they are received. 270p. These dupes are the price of the iconic sweater, but still as sleek as a slicked-back bun and hoops. He asks her if "everything is OK.". An online obituary for Abigail's father, Andrew Elphick, also listed her mother's name as Kimberley Elphick. Now if they give us problems getting the video, then well talk about that. Shes recording my mental breakdown. The manager even sent somebody to walk down to get security because they were taking too long. This lady chasing me. Ukenta kept repeating that she was worried the police would believe Elphick if she claimed Ukenta attacked her, when the video shows Elphick charging at Ukenta, and Ukenta doing nothing but recording the scene. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. 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Clips of the bizarre incident, uploaded to YouTube, showed a white woman apparently running. Several videos recorded by Ukenta have since gone viral, identifying this attacker as Abigail Elphick and showcasing an apparent race-based bias from the responding officers from the Short Hills Mall security and Millburn Police Department. ABIGAIL Elphick has been branded on social media as the "Victoria Secret Karen" due to a viral video. For all they know, I could have anxiety, too, and this woman sent me into a panic attack.. The department says it was actually this so-called "Karen" who initially called cops, and whom the officers first spoke with upon arriving at the Victoria's Secret in the Short Hills Mall. I never felt like a nigga until todayand I dont mean n-i-g-g-a, Ukenta said in a final video. The next time the white woman is seen, after a short break in the video, shes back to shrieking and making demands of employees. If you look closely at the beginning of the video, the black lady moves the camera away from Abigail as if she is trying to make it look like she was assaulted. "You keep lying, saying I'm threatening you, so I'm recording to protect myself," replied the other woman, to which the woman on the floor responded by screaming, "No! After a rightful excuse me from Ukenta, Elphick apparently tried to flip the aggression, causing Ukenta to turn on her phone camerajust in time to catch Elphick assaulting her. As of Wednesday afternoon, Ukenta's account was enabled, and her TikTok videos of the event were available to watch. And she declined repeatedly. Police refused to escort a white woman out of a New Jersey mall after she took a swing at a Black customer and chased her around a Victoria's Secret. When no one acquiesces to her demands that Ukenta stop recording, Karen takes matters into her own hands. Of course, after attempting to swat Ukentas phone away, Elphick played the victim, acting aghast at a nonexistent assault while crouching and screeching and begging not to be recorded (as if she couldnt just leave the store herself). Im looking to hire me an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrongI have been wronged [by] Abigail Elphick (Karen in my videos,) Short Hills Mall security, Millburn Police Department, and most of all humanity. Just checked my tv remote and it has NUMBERS! Trace William Cowen is a writer who also tweets with dramatic irregularity here. She kept expressing her concern about her job and apartment. Im happy I did record because even the officers stated that I only showed him the video of her laying on the floor when I showed him. As the public already saw the tape, a tape the officer did not see recording, his statement differs from what actually happened. Im looking to hire me an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrong., Watch The Latest Episode Of The Rewind - Hosted By JusNik, Chris Rock Will Address Oscars In Netflix Special, Chaka Khan Calls Out Mary J. Bliges Vocals, In Case You Didnt Know: Black Women Firsts In 2023, Chaka Khan Gives Honest Opinions On Fellow Female Singers, Reality Star Tim Norman Sentenced To Life In Prison, I want to be on TV, Wendy Williams Plans To Return To Daytime Television, Janet Jacksons Nephew Feels Her Performances Are Degrading To Women. Posted on Jul 13, 2021Updated on Jul 13, 2021, 11:13 am CDT. She was having a panic attack about the videotaping. I was assaulted and harassed by a white woman and and nothing was done by security nor the police, she wrote on the page. In spite of the histrionics, perhaps the most infuriating part of the footage is when another white shopper at the register asks why Ukenta doesnt just walk away from heras if Elphick is entitled to stay and disturb the peace and Ukenta is the interloper for simply filming to protect herselfor get her free panties. However, police refused to escort the white woman out of the New Jersey mall. Please, please, please.. Her initial goal was $20,000 but supporters have raised more than $100,000 already. In YouTube videos, a woman captured an encounter she had with another woman in Victoria's Secret. . This story has been shared 139,488 times. The police report says this caused Elphick to go into a panic attack, at which time she followed her to get her to stop videotaping her, according to the news site. Shes recording me. So , I dont really have any issues with them not as of yet. In the clips, Elphick screams and yells at Ukenta, complaining about being recorded and chasing her around the store in an apparent attempt to force her to stop filming. Earlier this year, a woman attacked an Uber driver after being told to wear a mask in his car. Victoria's Secret issued a statement saying the video was disturbing, and they have launched a full investigation. Hey cut open everything in your house. Police refuse to escort her out of the mall. There's a reason no charges were pressed against her. A woman, dubbed by the internet as the "Victoria's Secret Karen," broke down in hysterics, crying and pretending to pass out after another woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, accused the " Karen " of. The last part of the video shows her requesting to file a complaint against the responding police and saw another police officer give her the run-around. Thanks for contacting us. In the multiple videos, a White woman appears to go from full-on unprovoked aggressor to full-blown fake victim in a matter of moments. She is on the phone with the police for me and she was chasing me around the d*** store., At another point, Ukenta says, I just came to get a free panty thats all. Victoria's Secret Karen had the caucasity to scream and wail. She can be seen on tape yelling at Ukenta, complaining about being recorded and chasing her around the store in an apparent attempt to force her to stop filming. "[The decedent] is survived by the love of his life, his wife Kimberley (nee Chaddon) Elphick, of Cedar Grove; his three loved children: Andrew D. Elphick of Mahwah, Abigail Elphick of Florham Park and Tara Elphick of Louisiana; five dear siblings: Mark Elphick, Arthur Elphick, William Elphick, Susan Spitler and Shirley Schilare; and four loved grandchildren," the obituary read. To read more stories like this, check out Insider's digital-culture coverage here. Oh my God. I asked her several times if she was alright and if she needed an ambulance. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. While I have used the term in the past, I realize these women are becoming memes and the butt of jokes, and the harm they have caused historically and currently is secondary. The Daily Dot has reached out to Ukenta and Millburn police. See what these people do? Victoria's Secret did not respond to a request for comment. Victoria's Secret Releases Statement Distancing them From the Karen, the Cops, & the Chaos of the Short Hills Mall Meltdown Victoria's Secret Karen ADMITS She Had Tantrum Because She. . Victoria's Secret Releases Statement Distancing them From the Karen, the Cops, & the Chaos of the Short Hills Mall Meltdown Update on Victoria's Secret Karen Case; Black Woman Raises. The encounter, happened when Ijeoma Ukenta, a Nigerian American woman was shopping at Victoria's Secret store in The Mall in Short Hills in Millburn, New Jersey. Our associated followed our protocols and immediately called our Emergency Operations Center as well as mall security for support during the altercation between our customers. Sleek spring sweatersThese dupes are the price of the iconic sweater, but still as sleek as a slicked-back bun and hoops. Then, the woman lies in a fainting position on the store's floor near the cash registers and begins to scream and sob, pleading with Ukenta not to record her "mental breakdown.". Please help me!. The woman who was recording launched a GoFundMe to hire an attorney and has raised over $85,000. Abigail Elphick is the New Jersey woman dubbed the Victorias Secret Karen. Video of an incident involving her at the Short Hills Mall has gone viral. Im worried about me. The woman seemingly had a breakdown when Ukenta started filming her. Ask them," Ukenta says, calling over the Victoria's Secret manager to corroborate her account. As Ukenta notes, however, This is to protect me, once the law gets here, who they going to believe, her white ass or my Black ass?. In it, she said she is a teachers aide. Do you think her videos prove this? Karen of Victoria Secret Since the video was posted and the incident Millburn police told New Jersey 101.5 that an internal investigation is ongoing into the officers' actions. She finally stated that she was going home, and I asked if she would be OK to drive and she says she was. According to the police report, Elphick claimed that she had a panic attack that was brought on from being recorded. Victoria's Secret (@VictoriasSecret) July 13, 2021 Ukenta has since filed a complaint against the responding police officers and the mall security for not making her feel protected.